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UPDATE: My first experience flipping books online

As a refresher, the book I bought had a large sticker on the back that I needed to get off.

Here is a picture again:


I was planning on getting nail polish remover, but that was more of a backup plan. So, rather than nail polish remover, I went with Goo Gone and a plastic putty knife. The Goo Gone is a citrus and oil based cleaner. What I bought came in a spray bottle so I sprayed a small portion of the sticker and waited a few minutes and was able to easily peel it off. It took about 30 minutes of spraying a little of the page, gently peeling, and then wiping the Goo Gone off.

It looked a bit more used, but I was able to send it off to Amazon. Here’s hoping!

My first experience flipping books online

So, I ordered a couple of books a week ago to trade in online to various services. Two of these were to trade to Amazon. I received the first one today. The purchase price including shipping came to just under $12 and the expected payout was $58. All in all, this looked pretty good.

The first thing I noticed was stickers saying USED on the front and spine and the back cover was covered in tape.


When I started taking these off, I noticed the USED stickers covered the indication that it was an instructors edition and the back cover actually is entirely covered by a sticker advertising the company of the place I bought it from and then covered in tape. I’m scraping off what I can and will pick up non-acetone nail polish remover on the way home to try and get off the rest.

Here is what I’m working with:


Please note that neither the excessive tape nor the fact that it’s an instructors edition were noted in the initial description of the book. There was mention that it may have USED stickers on it and I wasn’t concerned about that. On a good note, if Amazon will accept the book, the value is higher now so I cancelled my trade and am going to submit a new one.