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UPDATE: Book flipping take two

I don’t know why I thought this order was going to work out.

I received the book today, thirteen days after the estimated delivery date from the USPS. I unboxed it and it’s not anything like the cover image of the book I ordered:

Instead, I received:

Not only is the cover different, so is the ISBN. Which in turn means that the value is very different as well.

I promptly emailed the seller asking for a refund and a prepaid return label. If that is not forthcoming, I’ll be filing a dispute on as the difference in ISBNs, to me, means the merchant misrepresented what was being sold. Like ordering name brand cookies and being sent the generic and told it’s the same thing. Sure, they both contain the same things, but it’s not what was ordered.

Positive experiences!

I’d like to first of all point out that not all my experiences trying to flip books since I started this blog have been bad. I’ve had at least two go off without a hitch so far.

One book I ordered and sent to a company I found on and the company has received it. It seems it is still being processed though so I can’t put a nail in it and call that one closed.

Another book I ordered from I received and put on Amazon rather than send it into a reseller for $22. It sold for $29.90 before fees and after sourcing costs, shipping, and Amazon fees, my net profit is about $16.54. Not a lot, but keep in mind I’m trying to start small, intentionally.

SECOND UPDATE: My first experience flipping books online

This is a short post, but taught some good lessons.

Amazon has received and rejected my first attempted tradein as it’s an instructor’s edition. The reason states “Teachers/International Edition” so I know I have at least one other book that won’t work as well. Once it arrives back, I’ll list it and specifically state it’s the instructors edition. I will not attempt to FBA it, though, as I anticipate Amazon will reject it.


FBA, or Fullfillment By Amazon is something I would like to try in the near future.

With FBA, you send your inventory to Amazon and they take care of shipping it out to customers. This makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime. From what I’ve read on it, they charge you a storage fee and still charge you a shipping fee, though less than you’d pay yourself.

Another benefit, sort of, is that you send a large shipment into them at once. This means that you can send Media Mail for a large box of books being sent to the fulfillment center and basically get a bulk discount on your shipping costs.

Once I’ve built up some inventory and tried this out, I’ll add a new post with my experiences.

Book flipping take two

So, I found book that looked like it could turn a profit. Amazon offered a $120.01 credit for this book and I found it available for express shipping for under $35. I should be able to get that within about a week and send it out to Amazon, right?


This ran me into a few hurdles. As of this writing, almost two weeks after ordering the book, USPS still doesn’t even show it’s shipped and repeated attempts to get anything from the seller have been unsatisfactory with them giving me the tracking number and me sending them back the USPS response that they’ve only been notified of the shipment. Add to this that Amazon gave me the credit already. Since there is no indication when the book will be showing up to me, I cancelled the trade in. Rather than backing out the credit, Amazon has stated they will be charging me. Keep in mind the entire credit amount was still on my account at the time.

I also realized that the book I ordered is an international edition. I’ll attempt to sell it to Amazon, but they will probably reject it on these grounds and then I will be attempting to sell it myself. This has the benefit of providing cash rather than an Amazon credit, but will take longer. I’m also not sure Amazon will FBA (Fullfillment By Amazon) international or instructor edition books.

I checked the USPS tracking number again and it’s been accepted by USPS. I wrote a letter to the seller about how frustrating this has been. No response yet.