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UPDATE: Book flipping take two

I don’t know why I thought this order was going to work out.

I received the book today, thirteen days after the estimated delivery date from the USPS. I unboxed it and it’s not anything like the cover image of the book I ordered:

Instead, I received:

Not only is the cover different, so is the ISBN. Which in turn means that the value is very different as well.

I promptly emailed the seller asking for a refund and a prepaid return label. If that is not forthcoming, I’ll be filing a dispute on TextBookx.com as the difference in ISBNs, to me, means the merchant misrepresented what was being sold. Like ordering name brand cookies and being sent the generic and told it’s the same thing. Sure, they both contain the same things, but it’s not what was ordered.

Positive experiences!

I’d like to first of all point out that not all my experiences trying to flip books since I started this blog have been bad. I’ve had at least two go off without a hitch so far.

One book I ordered and sent to a company I found on bookscouter.com and the company has received it. It seems it is still being processed though so I can’t put a nail in it and call that one closed.

Another book I ordered from half.com I received and put on Amazon rather than send it into a reseller for $22. It sold for $29.90 before fees and after sourcing costs, shipping, and Amazon fees, my net profit is about $16.54. Not a lot, but keep in mind I’m trying to start small, intentionally.